1. Booze Club take one: pu erh, peach, and chai infused bourbon, with angostura bitters, honey, a splash of water, and 2 ice cubes.  

    Results: I think I’ll switch up the ratio a bit and have more chai and peach, might even buy an actual peach to muddle with this, but for a first shot, pretty good! ¬†Here’s to science!

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    Booze club is go, I repeat, booze club is go. also, woot! gluten free cocktails. Cocktails for everyone! (except people...
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    Works for me. XD I’m particularly gonna represent from the gluten intolerant side of things. *makes a doofy hand signal,...
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    FanTAStic! I am definitely going to be working on this. YAY FOR AMAZING IDEAS THAT WILL MAKE LIFE MORE FUN.
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  11. mydwynter said: I LOVE SCIENCE
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