1. 221b Con cards

    So, because of a mishap on my train back, I seem to have lost the majority of the cards all the lovely people I met gave me.  I also lost my tea party gift bag and almost lost all the prints I bought.  Because the jackasses on the train thought it was all garbage and went to throw it away while I was in the dining car. (I know they were just doing their jobs but I’m pissy)

    So, if anyone met me and wants to stay in touch, please shoot me a message!

    I was punk!Lestrade on Saturday.  Friday I was Mycroft sans umbrella, and Saturday I was Richard Brook.

  1. mojoflower said: Oh, that sucks for you, honey! But is a good motivator (as if you needed one!) to come again next year. I had a DELIGHTFUL time hanging out with you, by the way. :D
  2. rehfan said: Well ain’t that bout a bitch! You poor sweet bb! I only have a couple of cards (literally TWO), but I’ll give you the info off them as they’re pretty well-known fic-ers. HUGS! And it was SO fucking AWESOME to meet you! MUAH!
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  6. reluctantabandon said: OMG honey nooooo!!! D: I have a bunch of people’s cards, but I think you’re probably following them all anyway lol. And I want to add I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE AMAZING AND IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE TO MEET & HANG OUT WITH YOU and we have to do it again soon!!!
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